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About Us

Welcome to Strident, a company dedicated to providing reliable power that exceeds your expectations.

From humble beginnings dating back to the 1930’s the company (founded as Ivanhoe) has emerged through the years to become a respected name in the power supply market. Today we continue to build on the foundation of consistency in the two key elements of success: Quality service and quality products. At Strident we believe that it’s only when these two elements are merged harmoniously together will our customers receive what they deserve – the very best and nothing less.

The Strident team have one common goal of your satisfaction. Our passion for this is displayed in the painstaking attention to detail in every contact you will have with Strident.

Our culture for continuous improvement has meant that Strident is proud to hold the ISO9001 accreditation for quality together with ISO14001 environmental standards.

Our Mission

“To bring our clients a reliable source of sustainable power that exceeds the demands of today and meets the needs of tomorrow”

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