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The non-essential requirements that need batteries to fit their usage profile

There is a large variety of medical equipment in the world today that relies heavily on battery power which in the event of power failure causes serious inconvenience to any user yet specifiers so often overlook the inconvenience factor.

Matching the battery to the application

Strident products are manufactured to the highest standards of the medical market, every product is produced with the same painstaking attention to detail to ensure the end user receives only the best and most suitable product for the application, whether it be a stair lift or a hoist unit Strident batteries are designed to last the run.

We understand that in many situations freedom and lifestyle depend on the power of Strident, therefore, our brand goes beyond just product, we believe the power of the Strident brand extends to every contact you have with our company giving complete peace of mind to enable persons to travel their wildest dream.

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