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The importance of batteries in everyday care.

In a fast moving world where every minute counts, in a world where mobility is of all importance to the full enjoyment of every minute – battery power has been called on day after day to deliver on demand power. Would you ever consider a battery letting you down?

Essential they work when needed

There is a science to battery power and an even deeper science to reliable battery power. This involves knowledge and experience. At Strident we understand just how important battery power is to so many people around the world not only for enjoyment but for everyday freedom and liberty. So many have become dependent on battery power to simply get out of bed or negotiate a flight of stairs. To ponder this alone inspired us but to consider the courage and perseverance that goes into so many lives

To ponder this alone inspired us but to consider the courage and perseverance that goes into so many lives every day ensure the Strident range consistently performs to the highest level. Our team has taken the trouble to study the science behind a reliable battery power that will deliver dependable power day after day

Continuous battery development to match medical innovations

From the inception of the Strident battery in the medical market, technology has progressed and indeed will continue to progress. Today we offer the VRLA in the AGM (Absorbent Glass Matting) along with the Gel technologies. We continue to develop new products, however, as the need for high performing products remains as the medical equipment market further deepens in mobility aids which provide the everyday liberty that the global community enjoys today.

Strident is a dynamic company with a passion for power and is committed to providing only the highest performing products that support independent living and provide a quality of life for the less able.

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