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GEL Batteries – Continuing to Innovate

It’s sometimes strange to think that products as everyday as batteries could still be being innovated and improved upon. But ever since their conception in the 1800’s, battery technologies have evolved tremendously, and are continuing to do so.

Here at Strident, we’re always working on our battery technology in order to deliver the finest service and greatest reliability to our customers.

GEL batteries

One of our most popular types of product is our line of GEL batteries, as these are used in a variety of applications – from mobility scooters to life critical support units.

So how are Strident GEL batteries innovating, and making themselves attractive alternatives to conventional sealed lead-acid technology?

  • The Strident range of GEL batteries is designed to resist deep discharges and recovery after heavy usage, even when they’re not recharged immediately
  • They provide excellent performance over long discharges
  • They boast outstanding tolerance to higher temperature applications (-25 – +55C)
  • Their limiting design protects the positive plates to greatly improve their cycle life
  • They can be discharged even when full recharge has not been achieved, without loss of battery capacity
  • They use thicker plates for reduced grid corrosion and increased cycle life
  • They also boast an extended shelf life, and are designed to last for over ten years

Our GEL batteries are even tried and tested in rugged environments, in order gauge their performance in extreme circumstances.

Here at Strident, these are just one of the product types we’re continuing to improve every day.

If you think GEL batteries might be the perfect choice for your application, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team here at Strident. With over 15 years of direct experience with battery power, our knowledgeable staff are happy to help you make an informed decision.

You can get in touch with us directly on 0845 555 5511, or message us via the contact page. For more information on our products, including our selection of innovative battery types, you can download one of our brochures here.