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Mobility and Medical – the Best Battery Types

At Strident, we specialise in batteries for a range of applications in the medical market.

From mobility scooters to power chairs and life-critical support, it’s essential that we supply the right type of battery to meet our customer’s specific needs. So what’s the best type of battery to use with these devices, and why?

best battery types
Most devices like these rely on either AGM (absorbent glass mat) or GEL batteries. The chief benefit of these battery types is that they’re sealed, and therefore unlike some older types of lead acid batteries, are maintenance free and won’t spill or leak when installed under normal operating conditions.

As well as being very low maintenance, these battery types are also ideal for repeat cycling and daily use. Which in the context of mobility devices, is an absolute must. Furthermore, their limiting design results in a much longer cycle life than conventional lead acid equivalents.

Between the two, AGM batteries tend to be cheaper than their equivalent power GEL types. However, GEL batteries boast a greater expected lifespan. As a general rule though, you should always use the battery technology that’s recommended by the manufacturer for your mobility device. Some manufacturers even offer upgrade packages to enable differing technologies to be used.

If you’re unsure as to what the best battery types are for your product or application, get in touch with the knowledgeable team here at Strident.

With over 15 years of direct experience with battery power, our expert staff are happy to help you make an informed decision.

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