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You have now reached the pulse at the heart of Strident.

With over 15 years of direct experience in battery power we understand that reliability does matter to you, Here at Strident we specialise in providing you the products that are fit for your application; we understand that any battery will not suit every application and will go the extra mile to ensure you get the right technology at the right price point.

Our highly respected Strident brand of AGM batteries play a major part in battery power today and can be found in some of the most vital applications, from healthcare, fire, and security through to large UPS systems.

Whilst the valve regulated lead-acid technology remains the most requested the battery market today, technology has moved rapidly and through proactive research and development we can offer a range of technology such as Gel and Lithium –Strident is now stocking a range of lead crystal batteries that hold many unique features and are suited to any critical power application. Please contact our product advisors to discuss the suitability of specific technology for your required application, sealed batteries are not suited to the permanently inverted position.

Strident also holds the distributorship for the globally respected Vision brand of batteries, these are often specified in the marine, offshore, mining and other dependent applications.

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CHE, the charge behind reliable power.

To ensure your batteries are maintained in peak condition ready to respond on demand you will need a quality charging unit that offers accurate and dependable charging current.

Our range of chargers covers 12v and 24v applications. The range includes both bench chargers with standard crocodile clip connection and the mobility industry standard 3 pin XLR connector.

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To complement the range of products, Strident hold a large range of tyres in both pneumatic and solid infilled options to suit many of today’s mobility equipment.

Through listening to the comments of our clients together with our research and development team, Strident’s solid tyre range offers excellent user comfort whilst holding the puncher proofing properties as a key priority.

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Workplace Protection Equipment

We design & stock various workplace protection products for your business. From Antimicrobial copper overlays for highly touched areas to floor stickers designed to help customer navigate during social distancing policies.

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Testing Equipment

Any experienced maintenance person needs to know the condition of the battery to verify its performance level. Strident has a range of testing equipment from simple volt meters, instant conductance testers up to full charge and discharge testers giving detailed computer printouts and on to complete UPS string testers for larger installations.

We can also offer full battery monitoring systems which are tailored to suit your exact installation

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