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Storing Batteries – Our Top Tips

Depending on your specific needs, you may not use your batteries on a daily basis. In which case, the issue of how best to store them becomes very important.

So what exactly is the best way to effectively store your batteries? The answer really depends on the product’s type, or chemistry.

The recommended temperature to store most battery types at, is around 15°C.
At extreme temperatures, they can be stored at a minimum of -40°C, and a maximum of 50°C. There are more important considerations other than just temperature however.

storing batteries

For example, lead acid batteries should always be kept fully charged during storage. But nickel and lithium based chemistries should be stored at around 40% of their maximum capacities. This is in order to reduce any potential capacity loss, while still ensuing the battery runs optimally.

Bear the following points in mind when storing batteries for any length of time:

• Before storing your batteries, remove them from any equipment they might be attached to, and ensure they’re placed in a cool, dry area.
• Make sure they’re not likely to freeze over. Remember that they will freeze more easily if they’ve been drained.
• Lead acid batteries should be charged before storing, and you should regularly check their charge levels.
• Nickel batteries can be safely stored for up to five years with no charge in them if necessary.
• Lithium-ion batteries should be stored at around 40% capacity.
• Remember to keep all battery products out of reach of children.

storing batteries

For additional tips on battery storage, or for advice on purchasing new batteries, don’t hesitate to ask the team here at Ivanhoe.

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