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Which? Publish Their Latest Best Buy Guide to Mobility Scooters

If you are currently exploring the purchase of a new mobility scooter or looking at a replacement or upgrade, take a look at Which?’s latest best buy guide.

Like many of their excellent reports, they point out that it is not always the most expensive mobility scooter that gets the top ratings from experts and consumers.

Which? Guide to Mobility Scooters

Experts and Users involved

For this new review, Which? has had an independent expert panel of ergonomists, occupational therapists and disabled scooter users test a series of mobility scooters. The panel has tried to include everything you would be likely to do with the scooter in real life use whether that is moving around obstacles or getting up slopes. In particular, they have been looking at:

  • Ride quality
  • How easy a scooter is to fold or dismantle

This reflects the frequent challenge to get the balance right between these 2 essential elements of scooter use – weight and comfort. In the tests, they have including the process and effort involved in getting scooters in and out of cars.

Considerations when comparing Mobility Scooters

They have also rated some of the other key considerations that relate to the purchase and use of Scooters.

  • Preparing to ride. Which? has looked at how you can adjust parts of the scooter (e.g. seat, armrests etc.) to make the scooter as comfortable and supportive as possible.
  • Setting off. How easy is it to start the scooter and pull away safely and with the least amount of fuss
  • Indoor riding. How manoeuvrable are the scooters indoors
  • Outdoor riding. Can the scooters cope with slopes, rough surfaces and kerbs
  • How easy it is to pull the scooter along when not in use

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